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TETTIX begins in 2009. At a time when the industry sector is moving into a new era, looking for modern automation solutions, with the aim of accelerating production rates. Maximizing quality, relieving the workforce of laborious tasks, and reducing human error constituted priorities for any company seeking to stand out from the competition.

MORENOS, one of the fastest-growing food processing and packaging machine dealerships in the Europe, identified a significant gap in the market for production line automation. It realized that companies were unable to integrate new technology robotic systems into their existing equipment which limited their production capabilities. Seizing the opportunity, he decided to create a new company specializing in the field of robotics integration. This is how TETTIX was created!

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Maximum Results At Minimum Cost

TETTIX designs and integrates complete robotic automation systems, fully tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Revolutionary technological solutions, innovation, responsibility, durability, speed, flexibility, ease of use, and safety are intertwined in the TETTIX progress, making it a reliable partner for every modern business.

Having partnered with major companies in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and metallurgy sectors, TETTIX offers a wide range of automated systems that comply with the specifications of each sector. TETTIX robotic automation systems ensure high quality and guarantee smooth and seamless operation at every stage of the production process.

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