TETTIX has maintained a stable collaboration with Universal Robots in recent years. Universal Robots is one of the strongest forces in robotics technology. UR collaborative arms enhance all stages of production, helping to increase productivity, reduce injuries and boost staff morale. The nominal cost of the investment is quickly recouped, as UR robotic arms have an average payback period of just nine months.

TETTIX has developed a solid collaboration with OnRobot, the fast-growing manufacturer of innovative grippers for collaborative or non-collaborative robots. OnRobot is the exciting result of Denmark's Odense robotics cluster, leveraging next-generation technologies that provide manufacturers with more user-friendly, safe and flexible cobot handles. They are programmed directly from the same interface as the robot, and their handles can be modified without prior programming experience.

TETTIX collaborates with FANUC, the world's largest robotic arm manufacturer. With more than 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots in the world. Covering a wide range of applications and industries, FANUC robots are easy to use and provide full flexibility thanks to a range of options for many applications.

TETTIX has collaboration with Flexlink, one of the world's leading manufacturers of conveyor systems, and offers flexible modular conveyor belts and industrial automation equipment. In addition to being a conveyor belt manufacturer, Flexlink is a complete solution provider for automated production flows.