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Industry 4.0 reverses everything we knew about the production process. Utilizing automation and last engineering technology, it creates a connected ecosystem where machines, devices and people work together to improve productivity, efficiency, flexibility and quality of production.

Industry 4.0 is an evolution of previous industrial revolutions and aims to integrate physical and digital production systems, promote automation and problem solving, by using networking technologies.

TETTIX, constantly monitoring new technological developments and market trends, creates innovative technological systems based on Industry 4.0, which provide modern solutions for every stage of the production process.

The key feature of Industry 4.0 is the interconnection of a line or a single robotic system into an integrated network. Its revolutionary technology enables real-time monitoring of line performance in terms of productivity, while identifying potential causes of breakdowns and various other functions.


Improve productivity

Accelerates production rates, increasing the profit margins of each business

Saving production cost & Quick payback

Programming flexibility

Systems are custom-made and adapted to the special needs of each business

Safety of workers

TETTIX follows all European standards for the safe operation of its machines

After sales

In case of failure, TETTIX's trained staff will immediately take care of any issue

Quality control

Reduces the human error

High Precision & Durability

The most reliable materials on the market are used in the manufacture of the machines

Space Saving

Each case is examined individually to ensure the smallest possible space requirement

Ease of use

The systems are designed to be easy to use even by an unskilled worker

Low maintenance costs

TETTIX monitors machine performance and reminds periodic preventive maintenance for maximum uptime

Domains of Application