Why automated packaging solutions are crucial for ensuring food safety?


In an era characterized by exponential technological advancements, robotic integration has ushered in a transformative age across diverse industries. From manufacturing to healthcare, robotics has proven to be a game-changer, and certainly, the food sector is no exception.

In this dynamic landscape, integrated packaging systems have emerged as the cornerstone of innovation, revolutionizing the way food products are processed, packaged, and delivered. Beyond their remarkable efficiency and speed, these groundbreaking systems provide unparalleled benefits in terms of food safety, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

In the food industry, the products’ safety and high quality are not just a target, but a prerequisite for its successful presence in the market. After all, how many times have we seen food companies go bust overnight because their product caused foodborne illnesses in consumers?

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that up to 30% of foodborne diseases are associated with inadequate food handling, processing, and packaging. That’s why nearly a third of food companies already utilize robotics in their procedures and 94% of food packaging operations were done by using robotics in the past few years, according to the PMMI: The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

With experience in the field of industrial automation and having undertaken the robotic integration of many projects in the food industry from design to implementation, TETTIX shares with you the 4+1 reasons to upgrade your packaging procedures with automated packaging systems.

1. Minimizing Contamination

Automated packaging systems reduce the risk of contamination by minimizing human contact with food products. Robots operate in sterile environments and strictly adhere to hygiene protocols, significantly reducing the potential for bacterial or viral cross-contamination, and maintaining the integrity and safety of packaged food.

2. Traceability & Quality Control

Robotic packaging systems can be integrated with advanced tracking technologies, enabling real-time monitoring and recording of crucial information such as batch numbers, expiration dates, and production timestamps. Accurate traceability throughout the supply chain ensures swift identification and recall of potentially compromised products, maintaining product integrity and consumer trust.

3. Precision & Consistency

Robots excel in precision and consistency and guarantee accurate and uniform packaging. By measuring and weighing ingredients, sealing packages, and applying labels with unmatched accuracy, you can minimize the risk of underfilling or overfilling. This precision contributes to the safety and quality of the packaged food.

4. Waste Reduction

Automated packaging systems optimize the use of packaging materials, reducing excess waste. Robots are programmed to use the right number of materials for each package, minimizing unnecessary waste and environmental impact. This supports sustainability efforts and provides cost savings for food manufacturers.

+1. Efficient Operations

Robots offer high-speed capabilities, allowing the handling of repetitive packaging tasks at a much faster pace compared to human workers. This increased efficiency leads to higher production output, reduced bottlenecks, and the ability to meet consumer demands effectively. Faster packaging also reduces the time between processing and packaging, enhancing food freshness.

At TETTIX understand your demand for the highest quality. Our aim is to create the appropriate conditions and contribute to the progress of your operations, guaranteeing high safety for your products and your clients.

Through our expertise in automated packaging, TETTIX provides comprehensive secondary packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, and conveying technology solutions that address the unique challenges of companies operating in the food industry.

By incorporating advanced technology in the food industry, TETTIX provides solutions to your uncertainties and ensures the highest standards of quality and consumer satisfaction.

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