3+1 top packaging trends from Interpack 2023

Interpack, the world’s leading trade fair for the packaging industry, opened its doors after 6 years of absence, redefining the trends of the manufacturing process! Dusseldorf has always been a hub of innovation, operating as a meeting point for the industry’s experts.

From 4 to 10 May, more than 143.000 interested people from 155 countries visited the major packaging exhibition, exchanging expertise and shaping the industry’s future.

TETTIX participated for the second time at interpack and brings you 3+1 trends poised to revolutionize the packaging industry!

1. IoT meets smart packaging

Interpack 2023 highlighted control and monitoring systems that enable human operators to oversee and manage packaging operations from a centralized location. Through the integration of internet connectivity and IoT technologies, new automation systems provide real-time visibility into packaging line performance, equipment status, and production metrics. Operators can remotely adjust settings, troubleshoot issues, and ensure smooth operations without physically being present on the factory floor. This level of remote control optimizes resource allocation and empowers human operators to make decisions swiftly.

2. Sustainability in packaging

With growing environmental concerns and a pressing need for ecofriendly practices, sustainable packaging solutions have taken center stage. Interpack 2023 highlighted the industry’s dedication to environmental responsibility emerging with an array of packaging innovations that aim to reduce waste, optimize material usage, and prioritize recyclability and biodegradability. Exhibitors presented an array of reusable packaging solutions, emphasizing the use of eco-friendly materials, optimized production processes, and circular economy principles. Focusing on reducing carbon footprints, packaging leaders limit waste and promote a sustainable packaging life cycle. The spotlight was on renewable materials, bio-based plastics, and ingenious recycling technologies that pave the way for a greener future.

3. Human-robot synergy

Collaborative Robotics (cobots) constitute the best new thing in the packaging sector. Interpack 2023 showcased collaborative robotic systems designed to work alongside human operators, enhancing efficiency and productivity in packaging processes. These robots, equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent programming, can perform repetitive tasks such as picking, sorting, and palletizing. By taking over mundane and physically demanding tasks, collaborative robots permit human operators to focus on more complex and value-added activities, leading to improved overall productivity and reduced workplace injuries.

+1. Authenticity & Security

In the midst of growing concerns surrounding the safety and authenticity of products, Interpack 2023 emphasized the introduction of robust solutions that directly tackle these challenges. Exhibitors showcased packaging with tamper-evident features, holographic labels, and advanced authentication technologies like blockchain and QR codes. These measures significantly boost consumer confidence, combat counterfeiting, and ensure traceability across the supply chain. By safeguarding the integrity of products, the packaging industry reinforces consumer trust and contributes to a safer marketplace.

For TETTIXinterpack2023 was a source of inspiration, driving us toward new challenges and cutting-edge packaging solutions. Through our specialization in robotic integration, we develop custom-made automated solutions that precisely meet your requirements, improving every step of the manufacturing process.

Our team is available to discuss your specific requirements and assist you to find the best automation solution for your business!